Lanterns On The Lake 

More solid progress has been made on Album 4 for Lanterns On The Lake (Bella Union) which is shaping up to be a classic!

Lead Vocalist & Pianist Hazel Wilde with Guitarist Paul Gregory working through an arrangement in the Live Room.


Drummer Ol Ketteringham getting to grips with the Distant City Live Room.


Bass player Bob Allan tracking in the control room.


Angela Chan recording Viola in the Live Room

BB MAK Live Acoustic Session For Entertainment Tonight 

Fifteen years after saying farewell, the British boy band BBMAK is back together again! 

With worldwide hits behind them including “The Ghost of You and Me,” “Out of My Heart,” and of course, “Back Here” the group, featuring Mark Barry, Christian Burns and Stephen McNally just revealed that they are getting back on the road to showcase their music for fans, old and new. 

To mark the occasion, dropped in to Distant City Studios to perform a live acoustic version of their Smash Hit 'Back Here' for Entertainment Tonight.


Lanterns On The Lake 

It was an absolute honour to welcome Newcastle based band Lanterns On The Lake into the studio this weekend to commence recording the follow up to their critically acclaimed third LP 'Beings' (Bella Union).


More news to follow........


'Cobra Kai' feature for Postcards From Jeff ' Suburban Girl' 



I'm very happy to announce that the Postcards From Jeff song 'Suburban Girl' has been featured in Episode 7 of the Smash Hit TV Series 'Cobra Kai!' (Sony Pictures).

The series is continuation of the Karate Kid Film saga and stars original cast members Ralph Macchio and William Zabka.

'Suburban Girl' will also be on the forthcoming 'Cobra Kai' Featured Singles Soundtrack available soon on iTunes & Spotify and all major streaming sites.






Mike Exeter & Record Production Tour 

We were very happy to welcome legendary Rock Producer Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath / Judas Priest) and Mike Banks (SSL) to do a tour of the studio for a feature on Record Production. Both the guys absolutely loved the studio and it was a real pleasure to show them round and talk with Mike about his work with 2 of the biggest rock bands in the world! More to follow soon.......


New Yamaha Recording Custom Drum Kit! 

We now have 2 fantastic house drum kits available at Distant City Studios. Including this newly acquired Yamaha Recording Custom pictured in the ‘Drum Room.’ An absolute classic kit for recording that has featured on countless hit records.

And of course over in ‘The Club’ we still have our 1960’s classic Ludwig as another amazing option and a completely different sound. There are enough quality mics to have both kits set up in either rooms at the same time. With each room having completely different acoustic properties. Which gives plenty of options for when a band or artist want to quickly experiment with the drum sound from track to track.


Brian Eno Quote 

New studio wall ink-spiration taken from a great Brian ENO quote ‘If you had a sign above every studio door saying 'This Studio is a musical instrument' it would make such a different approach to recording.’ 

The Membranes 

It was great to welcome The Membranes back to the newly transformed Studio to begin work on the follow up to 2015's critically acclaimed LP 'Dark Energy / Dark Matter'. The last record was recorded and mixed in the last incarnation of Distant City Studios and proved to be a career high for the band so it was exciting to have them back and get them setup in the much improved new facility.

As with the last record the key factor was to get the guys happy with their setup and foldback so that they could get into the flow of creating a vibe and getting the tracks down whilst the magic was happening. 

Drummer Rob Haynes setup in the Drum Room. After the usual multi miking setup and experimenting with bits of compression on the room microphones fixed to the retractable ceiling we then took advantage of being able adjust the ceiling height to find a sweet spot for the overall drum sound. We eventually settled on a mid to high position for the ceiling which gave the drums plenty of size but still enough definition.

Vocalist & Bassist John Robb has a signature driving bass sound which is the foundation for The Membranes sound and therefore very important to capture accurately. Using John's trusty 'Brother John' Marshall Super Bass 100 Head through a Marshall 4 x 12 Bass Cab set up in 'The Club" we eventually settled on a 3 pronged mic attack consisting of a Sennheiser MD 441, Electovoice PL20 and an AEA R84 to cover the top middle and bottom respectively. These then went straight into the desk via the SSL Pre Amps & EQ with a little bit of added 1176 compression to add more bite.

After experimenting with a few amp & microphone options for guitarist Peter Byrchmore, we eventually settled on a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe close miked with a Royer 122 and with a Royer 121 further away picking up more of the room ambience of the wood panelled Live Room. The Royers proved to be the perfect choice for coping with the snarl and presence of Peter's guitar sound. We also used the same room and close mic combination to track 2nd guitarist Nick Brown's Vox Amp.

The bulk of the weekend was about laying the foundations for the eagerly anticipated new record and as ever the band had a very open minded and experimental outlook in finding new sounds for the record. This included recording percussive parts on a milk churn and even some 'brass' parts played via the extension hose of a Dyson hoover! Plenty more work to be done on the record yet (including recording the BIMM choir on a few tracks) but a great start so far and I'm really looking forward to working more on the rest of the album.


Steve Chrisanthou & Callum Beattie 

It's been a great start to 2018 working with legendary local Producer Steve Chrisanthou (Corinne Bailey Rae) firstly on some drums for the next Gabrielle record and secondly on a new track for rising Scottish Singer Songwriter Callum Beattie.


Callum brought in an excellent songwriting team with him including Jim Duguid (Paolo Nutini) and Iain Bruce (Hobotalk) and it was fantastic experience which made full use of the studio's capabilities.


The centre of focus for the track was to create a lively bombastic vibe which resulted in trying various different gang vocal groups in the live room, making full use of the lovely wood ambience. 

The Josephson C700S came into play recording 5 acoustic guitars simultaneously in surround, it's multi capsule patterns capturing  a really cool ambience. More ambience was created using the claps and cheers in the stairwell being picked up by the Telefunken U47 in the vocal booth.

Bagpipes were also introduced to bring more of an uplifting Celtic feel to the track played excellently by Michael Beeke.

All in all a lot of fun was had and it will be interesting to see how Steve develops the track further!




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